Why Do Teeth Turn Yellow And How To Make Teeth White And Shiny

To be happy is the medicine, which is absolutely free. The smile on our faces makes us feel happy. Glowing laughter also shows our teeth. Our clean and white teeth also increase our attractiveness, and our faces start looking more beautiful. Sometimes people’s self-confidence also looks great due to white teeth.

White teeth also create an effect in the mind of the person in front of them. Sometimes our teeth start appearing yellow for various reasons. Although your teeth can be whitened by visiting any dentist, with the help of the dentist’s bleaching technique, you can easily whiten your teeth, and for the next three to four months, your teeth will look white and shiny.

But this procedure is very expensive and not permanent, so it is not easy for everyone to afford it. Plus, the cost varies from dentist to dentist, and a few thousand dollars can easily come out of your pocket. In such a situation, those who go to the dentist and get their teeth whitened, it would be good for them to do so at the time of marriage or party or on any special occasion.

Then there is another way in which you can make your teeth white and shiny while sitting at home. There are some effective remedies with the help of which your teeth can be made white and shiny. So, first, let us look at what is causing the teeth to yellow.

The causes of yellow teeth

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Teeth turn yellow with age. There can be many reasons for the yellowing of teeth and stenosis on the teeth, such as chewing tobacco and betel leaves. because of red wine, tea, and coffee. Some fruits, such as pomegranates and some vegetables, can also be the reason for losing the natural white color of the teeth. Do not maintain oral hygiene. The teeth also become stained or become yellow due to some diseases and medical treatments. Sometimes the teeth also turn yellow due to mouthwash and turmeric.

Why do teeth turn yellow with age? Why are old people susceptible to tooth discoloration?

As we age, the upper layer of our teeth called enamel becomes thinner and less due to which the second most important part of the tooth called dentin starts showing. The color of dentin turns yellow. Because of this, the teeth also start appearing yellow with age. In such a situation, the agents of white teeth are also less effective on such teeth.

Teeth Whitening Suggestions

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Teeth bleaching

If your teeth are yellow, then there is a way to make them whiter faster. You can make your teeth white with the help of a good dentist. This process will take some half an hour. And your teeth will start looking white and shiny. The procedure is expensive but effective and gives quick results, but they are temporary. The process that dentists use to whiten teeth is called bleaching. This process is based on an agent called peroxide. It whitens teeth. Most of the teeth whitening products contain peroxide. Apart from this, some dentists also use laser whitening to whiten teeth. It is based on new technology.

Peroxide-based products

There are many gels, toothpastes, whitening pens, whitening trays, and whitening strips available on the market that contain peroxide. It is a tooth whitening agent. It removes stains from teeth. Its effects last for four to five months. It is also very important to know the amount of peroxide in the peroxide-based product you want to use. Is it safe for your mouth? Peroxide levels of up to 3% or 5% are generally regarded as safe.However, it would be a wise decision to consult a dentist or chemist once before using them.

Food and drinks that stain teeth.

Avoiding and limiting foods and drinks that remove the natural color of teeth, such as some foods and drinks that contain more acid and tannin, These include strong soda, tea and coffee, sports drinks, pomegranates, berries, red wine, etc. According to dentists, coffee and tea should not be consumed more than twice a day.

Maintaining Oral Health

To whiten teeth, it is necessary to maintain oral health. The food that you eat gets stuck in your teeth. It later becomes plaque, which turns the natural white color of teeth yellow. That is why it is necessary to brush twice a day and also remove the food stuck between the teeth with the help of dental floss. Dental floss is a cord of thin filaments used to remove food and plaque from between teeth where a toothbrush is unable to reach. You can buy it from a chemist.

Also, make sure to rinse after eating. Do not let any food get stuck between the teeth.

Here you have to keep in mind that your dentist’s advice is very useful while using teeth whitening products because the measures taken to whiten teeth are mostly successful when your teeth are yellow and not brown, gray, or other. If there is any color, then it is possible that most of the products used to whiten teeth may not have the effect. In such a situation, it would be appropriate to talk to the dentist.

Friends, in my next article, we will mention some homemade tips with the help of which you can make your teeth shine.

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