Top 100 Richest Families In Canada

Top 100 Richest Families In Canada

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This page contains all information regarding the top 100 wealthiest families in Canada. Continue reading to learn more about the top 100 wealthiest families in Canada.

Toronto | E-L Financial $1.43 billion.

84. John MacBain

McCall McBain Foundation $1.39 billion.

85. Rudy Bratty

Vaughan, Ont. Remington Group $1.36 billion.

86. Vic De Zen

Vaughan, Ont. | Zzen Group, Vision Group $1.3 billion.

87. John Bragg

Collingwood Corner (N.S. Oxford Frozen Foods, Bragg Communications, Bragg Lumber $1.29 billion.

88. John Risley

Chester, N.S. Clearwater Seafoods, Columbus Communications $1.21 billion.

89. Charles Sirois

Verdun, Que. Telesystem $1.19 billion.

90. Tobias Lutke

Ottawa | Shopify $1.17 billion.

91. Hassan Khosrowshahi

Vancouver | Inwest Investments, DRI Capital $1.16 billion.

92. Eugene Melnyk

Barbados | Acerus Pharmaceuticals, Ottawa Senators $1.15 billion.

93. Latner Family

Toronto | L Group, Dynacare $1.12 billion.

94. Mark Leonard

Toronto | Constellation Software $1.12 billion.

95. Leon family

Leon’s Furniture $1.1 billion.

96. Richard Fortin

Boucherville, Que. Alimentation Couche-Tard $1.1 billion.

97. Patrick Dovigi

Green For Life Environmental $1.08 billion.

98. Caleb and Tom Chan

Vancouver | Burrard International Holdings $1.07 billion.

99. U. Gary Charlwood

Uniglobe Travel International Partnership, Century 21 Canada Partnership $1.03 billion.

100. Saul Feldberg

Teknion, Global Group $1.01 billion.


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