Olori Badirat Adeyemi Biography: Net Worth, Date Of Birth, Age, Son, Mother, Husband

Olori Badirat Adeyemi Biography

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Olori Badirat Adeyemi Biography

Real Name: Badirat Adeyemi Olaitan

Stage Name: Olori Badirat Adeyi

1994: Date of Birth

Age: 28

Nationality: Nigerian

Net Worth: $200K – $500K dollars

Who is Olori Badirat Adeyemi?


Olori Badirat Adeyemi (also known as Olori Ola) is the beautiful youngest wife of Alaafin Oyo, Lamidi Adeyemi. She’s making waves on Instagram.

Over 35,000 of her dedicated Instagram followers are currently admiring her style. The queen, who turns 28 in three days, is very active on Instagram and SnapChat. She shares daily royal adventures with her many followers on the social media site.

The monarch gave her a new Toyota Matrix Sports Utility Vehicle in white with a personalized number plate on her birthday. The mother-of-two took to Snapchat to share her birthday gift.

Queen Ola is especially close to Queen Memunat, one of her co-wives. They are not only best friends but also the two youngest queens in Alaafin’s harem. They are best friends despite being married to the same man. Their friendship is admirable and has been admired by many on Instagram, who said they make polygamy attractive and enviable.

Olori Badirat Adeyemi Career


The monarch is well-known for being very close to his queen. The monarch is a keen boxer and gym fan. However, he often walks out with his four queens. Olori Ola always stands by him.

However, a keen eye can clearly see the rivalry between the young queens through their tireless efforts to gain huge Instagram followership. The queens were showcasing the photos taken by the king when he bought new Sports Utility Vehicles.

There is also a craze among the queens for out-dressing themselves at functions. They all recently went on a pilgrimage to Mecca and filled their Instagram feeds with photos. Olori Ola stole the show with her stylish dress sense. This is not the same as what is possible with traditional queens.

The petite, young, fashionable queen is not uncomfortable with her king’s age. She is said to be the mother of two sons and the one who attends to the needs of the king in the palace.

Olori Badirat Adeyemi Education

Olori Badirat Adeyemi was educated at Emmanuel Alayande College of Education, Oyo. She also received a degree in Education Management from the University of Ibadan.

Olori Badirat Adeyemi Date Of Birth

Olori badirat adeyemi, born in 1994, is now 28 years old.

Olori Badirat Adeyemi Son

Olori Badirat Adeyemi also has twins. Rumours circulating that she had an affair with Wasiu Ayinde Marshal (fuji legend), were false. She later denied it.

The Fuji Maestro denied the allegation, and promised to pursue legal action against the source of the allegation.

Olori Badirat Adeyemi Net Worth

At the time of writing this article, the estimated net worth of oloribadirat Adeyemi is $200K to $500K dollars.

Olori Badirat Adeyemi Instagram Handle

Follow olori buitrat adeyemi via her official Instagram account @ queenola


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