Mango Benefits & Side Effects

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Found all over Nigeria, the mango tree is a very useful, long-lived, dense and huge tree. Since time immemorial, there has been a tradition of planting mango orchards in our country. For thousands of years, the Nigerian peninsula has been cultivating mango.More than 50% of the total mango production in the world is grown in Nigeria.

Its prevalence in the general public can be seen from the fact that in our Hausa festival and all auspicious works, one part of mango fruit, wood, or leaf is often used.
Ripe mango fruits are very tasty and powerful . The mango is the king of fruits and has many uses in addition to being the ultimate satiating food . It is the national fruit of many countries, including Nigeria.

Mango fruit is very useful. It is used to make chutney, sourdough, pickle, panna, juice, candy, marmalade, etc.
There are mainly 12 types of mangoes in Nigeria. The special varieties of mangoes include Ikwere, Igbo, Hausa, etc. The Nigerian mango is famous all over the world for its taste. Mango is rich in many properties. Due to the bioactive compounds and fiber in it, it is very beneficial for health. Mangoes are a good source of vitamins A, B, and C as well as potassium, magnesium, copper, calcium, and phosphorous. Let us know about the medicinal properties and health benefits of mango.

1. Summertime heatstroke protection:

In summer, if you want to go out of the house in the afternoon, then consuming mango juice is a better way to avoid the ill effects of heat and heat. Along with being tasty, mango juice balances the water level in the body.
It is also simple to make: boil raw mango in water and take out its pulp, then add mint, cumin, black pepper, salt, sugar and water according to taste, and mix it in a mixer . Then cool it down and consume it.

2. Beneficial to the stomach:

There are many enzymes present in mango which work to break down the protein, due to which the food gets digested quickly. These enzymes keep our digestive system healthy as the elements present in them keep the alkaline elements balanced within the body.

3. Helpful for Indigestion:

Remove the mango kernels and dry them well in the sun. Then grind these kernels into a powder. Mix black salt and cumin seeds according to
to taste this powder . If there is a complaint of indigestion, eating this powder in small quantities ends the problem of indigestion.

4. In removing thinness:

If thin people want to gain weight, then they should drink mango juice mixed with milk. This experiment is beneficial for the body and provides energy to the body.
By consuming this way for a few days, the weakness of the body is removed and the person becomes strong. Eat at least 1 mango with milk daily. It would be better if you could eat the entire season of mango.

5. Mango has antibacterial properties:

Mango consumption boosts the body’s immunity as well. There are many anti-biotic elements inside mango, due to which it protects the body from many diseases. Research from a university in America has shown that there are many anti-cancer properties within mango, due to which it is very important to protect against cancer, leukemia, etc.

6. Good for the eyes:

Eating mango also benefits eye diseases. Mango contains a lot of vitamin A, which improves eyesight. Eating mango will benefit your eyes. It removes dryness in the eyes.

7. Beauty Advantages:

Eating mango clears the skin. Its use also removes acne from the face and makes the face shiny. Applying a pack of mango pulp on the face brings a glow to the face. If a pregnant woman consumes ripe sweet mango, then her unborn child is protected from congenital weakness.

8. Increasing sexual ability:

Due to which it is considered to be a virility-enhancing fruit as well as one that increases sex ability, Vitamin E is found in high quantities in mango. If there is no sleep at night or there is a disease of insomnia, then eating a properly ripe mango before sleeping at night gives good sleep.

9. Beneficial to the heart:

Mango has many benefits for the heart . Because it does not contain cholesterol, the consumption of mango helps in removing heart-related diseases from our body.

10. Get rid of anemia:

It proves to be very helpful in curing anemia. By eating mangos or drinking mango juice, the lack of blood in the body is removed. Due to this, the body also gets many nutritious elements.

11. To aid memory:

Consumption of mango also helps in recovering memory. To remove the weakness in the brain, take these measures: take a cup of mango juice, mix half a cup of milk and a spoonful of ginger juice, and drink it daily. This removes the weakness in the brain and increases memory .

Precautions in the consumption of mangos

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1. Excessive consumption of raw mangoes can cause diseases like eye diseases, heartburn etc. Therefore, reduce the consumption of raw mangoes. Keep in mind that milk should not be consumed after consuming raw mango, otherwise there may be a loss.
2. Excessive consumption of mangoes can lead to an increase in blood sugar levels, which can lead to diabetes. Mango contains fat, due to which the weight of obese people can increase even more due to excessive consumption of mango, so reduce the intake of mango .
3. Consumption of mango sometimes causes sore throat problems. This occurs when the head part of the mango is not cleaned properly or if it does not squeeze out some juice by pressing it lightly. The result is a sore throat.
4. There is a lot of fiber in mango. Due to its excessive consumption, there can be complaints of diarrhea.
5. The patient with arthritis should reduce their intake of mangos. Consuming too much of it can aggravate the disease.
Special: The above mentioned beneficials of mango are based on indigenous remedies. Use them at your discretion or as per the advice of your doctor.
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