In The Rainy Season, So You Have Itching In Your Vagina – Infection, Then Know 1 Treatment

Due to the humidity in the rainy season, bacteria grows so fast that the risk of getting many types of infections increases by two. During this season, women are prone to infections of the private parts.You must have heard that during this season they get itching, burning, rashes, and urine in and around the vagina, which can also be due to UTI infection.

This problem is mostly faced by women as compared to men, especially during monsoon days. Although its treatment is common and possible, if you are being careless, then the problem can increase and it can also cause trouble for the woman trying to conceive and can also lead to kidney infection.

So instead of ignoring the symptoms, pay more attention to this.

Vaginal discomfort from severe fungous infection.

You have an itching, burning sensation in the vagina,
pain while passing urine, tingling and frequent urination.
The lower abdomen,
mild fever, tiredness, and weakness
. The color of the urine has become cloudy.

Swelling and burning can also occur if the infection has reached the kidney by going into the bladder. At the same time, the problem of itching in the vagina and surrounding area also increases.

If you are seeing such symptoms, then get the medical examination done on time. It can be easily treated with antibiotics.

With the help of food and some home remedies, this disease can be easily avoided. There are numerous organic cures for this as well. If you eat even one fruit now, then you will be saved from this infection. Yes, that fruit is cranberries.

Asian woman laying down on bed suffering from stomach pain or period, concept background.

According to data from Boston University, drinking a glass of cranberry juice, eating them in plenty or taking them as a supplement daily is extremely helpful in curing UTI infections. Explain that cranberries are rich in antioxidants that do not allow bacteria to grow. Along with this, it reduces swelling and inflammation.

Apart from this, take a more liquid diet, like drinking plenty of water, juice soup, etc., so that your infection keeps coming out through urine. Apart from this, eat more and more seasonal fruits and do not hold urine. Do drink coconut water and definitely consume garlic.

Keep these things in mind when

Woman are scratching the vagina, itching crotch, Healthcare and medicine concept.

Do not leave the private part dirty during the rainy season. Keep it dry as well as clean.

Pay more attention to cleanliness during these periods. Change pads within 4 hours.

Wear cotton underwear. Nylon pants can cause rashes and itching.

Use intimate wash instead of soap.

If, despite this, you do not see the difference, then do not forget to consult a specialist.

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