How To Stay Away From Negative Influences

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Friends, there are many people who want to do a lot in life but can never dare. Too many of us can’t do anything just out of fear of what people will say.

“People will say what” is one such fear that has fueled the dreams of millions of youth. There is a desire in their mind to do something, they just never have the courage. I wish he had tried and tried to bypass that fear, perhaps success would have kissed his feet.

Friends, we get to read a very beautiful story in the book YOU CAN WIN (Jeet Yours). This story will serve to inspire you and will give you strength, courage to work hard to fulfill your dreams.

Once an eagle’s egg fell into a nest in a wild hen. There were also chicken eggs in that nest. The eagle’s egg got mixed with the chicken’s egg. When the time came, the eggs broke and the babies came out of them. The eagle cub grew up and lived with the hen’s cubs. He pecked like a hen’s chicks, took small flight like them and murmured like a chicken.

One day the child of that eagle saw an eagle flying in the sky. He asked the hen what is the name of that beautiful bird which is flying in such a vast sky. The chicken told him that it was an eagle. He is a wonderful bird. who rules the sky. But you cannot fly like him because you are a chicken.

The eagle’s child obeyed the hen and started picking grains and flying short as usual. That eagle’s child Sari lived like a hen and died one day.

By not using his own thinking and believing someone else’s words, the child who was born to rule the sky could not recognize himself. He was born to win but was mentally prepared to lose.

Friends, what do we learn from this story?

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We will meet many such people in life who will try to reduce our enthusiasm instead of increasing it. Those who cannot do anything themselves, how can they see others doing something.

When someone achieves success in life, some frivolous people do the work of throwing mud on him. When someone moves in the direction of doing something, people tell him that this is not your thing, it is not possible at all.

Many people get frustrated on hearing such things. Instead of focusing on their work, they get entangled with these people and give up before reaching their destination.

But if you want to reach your destination, then you have to learn to ignore people’s words. Whatever someone says, you just have to focus on your goal. Remember, success will come to those who keep trying .

Don’t let negative thinking people succeed in their cause. They just want you to never reach your destination. One thing you have to always remember that positive thoughts are many times more powerful than negative thoughts.

If you want to touch the heights of the sky like an eagle, then you have to learn the ways of the eagle. You have to associate yourself with successful people. When you stay with successful people, you will also have a passion for success .

Keep yourself away from negative thinking people. Because such people will never let you reach success and at the same time make you like yourself.

Now you decide who you would like to be with, the one who will take you to the heights of the sky or the one who will bring you down and put you in the line of unsuccessful people.

Don’t wait Whatever you want to be in your life, whatever you want to be and whatever you want to achieve, just focus on your goal.

Get busy with your work from today rather than now. Instead of focusing on what someone is saying right now, pay attention to this that when I am successful, these people will praise my success.

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