How To Overcome Loneliness And Types

People often feel sad or cut off from their loved ones. This is when loneliness is explained. a person who is estranged from his family or friendsThis is known as loneliness. A 2004 study by the National Sample Survey Office ( NSSO ) found that approximately 50 percent of Nigeria’s people were suffering from loneliness.

Our relationships can help us understand loneliness. There are many contacts that people have on their phones. Many people have more than 500 Facebook friends. This allows them to meet a lot of people and also makes it easy to understand loneliness. However, some people only have 2-4 friends. It is possible to be lonely if you have more friends than you do.

Types of Loneliness

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There are many kinds of loneliness. It is not necessary to feel sad for a period of time as a mental illness. This can be understood by many types of loneliness.

Situations that lead to loneliness

People often leave behind old things in order to acquire new things. This could include moving from one school to another, shifting homes, or losing a loved one. This is how people feel lonely.

Changes in life can cause loneliness. Changes in circumstances can make it difficult for people to adjust to new situations. People feel lonely if they remember the past. However, this feeling will disappear if the person accepts the changes in their lives. He will feel less lonely if he does.

The growth of others has led to loneliness.

It is clear that loneliness can result from being separated from someone we love. This happens when there is a change in their lives, such as a promotion, marriage, or new job. If our relationship with someone decreases, it can lead to loneliness.

This is best illustrated by the marriage of our closest friend. Then he stops being able to be there for us and starts feeling lonely.

Inner loneliness

A person who is loved by others keeps him happy, but he is still lonely and unsatisfied.

These people feel isolated in all situations and need to seek the counsel of a therapist or counselor.

Causes of loneliness

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Our past can be a source of loneliness. Some events can make us feel lonely, such as

  • Getting away from your friends
  • Change your home or move to a different city.
  • When people retire or change their jobs, they feel lonely.
  • Linguistic problem
  • Culture lacks
  • because of a lack of social interaction.
  • Social media: Why you should spend more time on it.
  • Because of the departure of someone
  • Due to mental or physical weakness,

Signs of Loneliness

  • Not only is it about feeling lonely, but loneliness can also be a sign of other mental or physical issues.
  • Lack of thinking
  • You can’t keep repeating the same thing over and over again.
  • Negatives
  • Do not feel the need to eat anything.
  • Feeling depressed
  • Shopping too often
  • Being active on social media
  • Excessive television viewing
  • Never mind
  • Pain in the body

How to cope with loneliness

An old woman or grandma is wearing a respirator or surgical mask and is looking out the window while she is in quarantine because of the corona virus.

  • Increase Socialization: The reason you feel lonely is because of someone’s departure, or the discord in your relationship. If you feel the same, increase your contact with others, make friends, and talk to them.
  • When you feel lonely, find new hobbies with friends, such as: reading books, watching movies, or playing games.
  • You should make new friends. There are many people all over the globe, so you should meet new people. Talk to them, or have a normal conversation, whether it’s with the guard at your office, the office boy, or the salon worker, or even the milkman. After they finish their work, say hello and thank them. In a matter of days, you’ll have many friends.
  • Be kind and curious. Friends, it’s important to cope with loneliness. You should be curious and kind while speaking to others and be interested in their thoughts.
  • Get the help of a therapist or psychologist. Visit to book an appointment online with a psychologist. After that, the psychologist will call you and help you through psychotherapeutic therapy.

While a man is social, loneliness is something that can happen to him by being part of a larger society. However, it is not common for people to experience this mental condition. Friends, if someone in your life is suffering from loneliness, you can make an appointment online at to talk to the therapist.

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