Essay on Balanced Diet

Food is the need of every person from which we get energy. It is necessary to have a balanced diet for energy. Balanced diet means such food in which protein, vitamin, carbohydrate, fat and fiber are present in proper amount. Balanced diet is very important for us to stay healthy. A balanced diet includes rice, roti, lentils, green vegetables, milk and curd, etc. We all should eat healthy food everyday. Healthy food gives us a happy life. We should also eat fruits daily in a balanced diet.

In modern times, people are forgetting the importance of a balanced diet and moving away from healthy food, due to which the risk of diabetes and obesity in children is increasing. We are getting attracted towards delicious food and are not paying any attention to the quality of the food. Junk food may be delicious but they are not nutritious at all but are harmful to our health. Many diseases increase due to excessive fried and closed food.

We all should give up junk food and make a balanced diet a part of our daily routine. Children should be fed green vegetables by preparing different dishes in a colorful way, which looks attractive and the child gets attracted towards them. Growing up along with children should also take a balanced diet. A balanced diet makes us strong and gives us the ability to fight diseases. We should keep our three-time meals in such a way that nutritious food must be in them. We can eat outside sometimes but we have to eat healthy food everyday. We should boycott packet food and eat fresh food only.

We should consume cereals with milk every morning. In the afternoon, rice, roti, dal salad etc. should be eaten. A light breakfast should be taken three hours after lunch and dil roti should be eaten at night. Milk and fruits or juice should be drunk before sleeping at night. We should follow a balanced diet regularly. A balanced diet keeps us physically and mentally balanced and our concentration power increases. The only way to stay healthy is through healthy food which we have to consume daily.

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