Hamisu Breaker Biography, Net Worth, Age, Phone Number

Hamisu breaker, a Nigerian-Hausa musician, songwriter and recording artist, is Hamisu. Hamisu breaker is one the most popular Hausa musicians of 2020.

Hamisu breaker reached over a million YouTube views with his single “karshen kauna”, which he released in 2020.

Hamisu Brewer Full Details

Name Saed Yusuf
Date and place of birth 1992
Country Nigeria
State Kano state
Tribe Hausa
Occupation Singer
Status Single
Gender Male
Net Worth $700,000
Phone Number

Hamisu Breaker Early Lives

Hamisu breaker’s real name is Yusuf (born in 1992), born in Kano, kano state in Nigeria.

Hamisu breaker went to primary school in Kano and secondary school at Kano.

Hamisu Breaker Career

Famous Hausa musician Hamisu breaker, and Nigerian artist Hamisu breaker began their careers right out of school.

Hamisu, before his fame, was an Islamic singer who discovered he could do more than he did in the past.

Hamisu breaker became famous after releasing karshen Kauna in 2020, which has over a million views on Youtube. The song made Hamisu breaker the most popular Hausa singer in the northeraroundrian music scene.

Here are some singles from Hamisu breaker.
Sirrin Zuciya
Karshen Kauna
Mai Tafiya
Jaruma Mata
Mai Sona
So Dangin Mutuwa
Nagane Duniya
Daga Yarda
Bakan Gizo
Bazana Manta Maryam Ba
So Na Gaskiya
Sakon Amarya
Karshen Kauna

Hamisu Breaker Net Worth

Hamisu, a Northern Hausa and Nigerian singer, broke a record in Nigeria. He is also one of the Northern Hausa songs to have the most streams in the digital music store around with “jarumathe mata”.

According to an online revenue estimator, Hamisu breaker’s net worth is approximately $700,000

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