Goya Menor Biography, Age, Career and Net Worth

Goya menor Biography – Bright Goya, also known as Goya Menor, is a Nigerian rapper, singer and MC.

Goya Menor sang the TikTok song Ameno Amapiano.

Here are some details about Goya Manor’s biography, education, net worth, and career.

Goya Menor Profile

Real Name Bright Menor

Stage Name Goya Menor

Date of birth May 4, 1993

Age 27

State of Origin Edo State

Occupation Hype Man, Rapper, Singer

Review of Net Worth

Nigerian Nationality


Bright Goya, also known as Goya Meor, was born May 4, 1993. Hr is 28. Goya Menor, a Nigerian rapper, rapper, hypeman, and MC, is Goya Menor.

He is from Benin in Edo State of Nigeria. This is where he received his primary and second school education.

State of Origin

Goya Menor, a popular Nigerian rapper, hails from Benin in Edo state. However, he is based out of Lagos.

Education Background

Goya Menor completed his tertiary education at EPKOMA University of Edo State. He has a bachelor’s degree in sociology.



Goya Menor began his music career in 2011. He is a rapper, artist, MC, and hype man.

After releasing AMENO AMAPIANO (remix), with NEKTUNEZ, he became a popular artist.


Although he began singing at an early age, Goya Menor became famous for his hit song Ameno.

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