Do Not Make Excessive Love A Victim Of Obsessive Love Disorder

Love is the foundation of all relationships. The world revolves around this love.But what happens when passion turns into love and the relationship becomes a burden?

Obsessive-love disorder is a condition where you become obsessed or obsessed over a loved one. You may become obsessed with your loved one and try to control him. This situation can lead to a person feeling unable to accept rejection or failure and having a strong desire to obtain it.

He can’t live in such a circumstance without talking to or seeing his loved one every day. His time is spent on these thoughts.

Healthy relationships are characterized by respect for and commitment to each other. People with obsessive affections don’t understand this. They are unable to accept rejection and feel overwhelmed by their desire to hold their loved one close. Obsession can lead to jealousy, insecurity, and resentment. If they are rejected in such a situation, they may become depressed, get hurt or even commit suicide.

These examples are often seen around us or in the news. It is important to be aware of the signs and symptoms of passion for love in such situations.

Obsessive Love Disorder

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Symptoms of OLD are:

  • Excessive attraction to a person
  • Obsessive thoughts about the individual
  • Feeling the need to “protect” someone you love
  • extreme jealousy when you see another person speaking.
  • Overwhelming
  • Multiple calls, messages, and emails to the boyfriend or girlfriend several times per day.
  • Talk to him for peace of mind.
  • To be suspicious of angry
  • This obsession can lead to less interaction between friends and family members.
  • She monitors her lover’s actions, such as how she speaks or meets with him.

Obsessive-love disorder: causes

If someone is in a relationship, they are a part of that person. They want to be with him or share their lives together. This is why some people find this obsession strange. Psychologists say there are many reasons why this happens.

Childhood trauma

Obsessive love can be traced back in part to a person’s childhood or early adolescence. Feelings of inferiority or unworthiness can be caused by childhood abandonment, mental and physical abuse, neglectful behavior towards them, or less love than their siblings. He will often try to fill the void by accepting and loving the other person in such situations.

Low Confidence

People with low self-confidence are more likely to fall prey to obsessive-loving tendencies. If a person is not a part of their lives, they believe that their return will solve all their problems. They will then find happiness again. They create an illusion for their own benefit and continue to move away from the truth.

Alcoholic Families

From childhood, humans learn about love. He will want to have a good relationship with his parents and he will also desire to be like them. An inferiority complex can also form if he is not able to see the love between his parents. According to psychologists, children of alcoholic parents may be more likely to develop love disorders or addictions.


An obsesive love disorder can be caused by a person’s ego. People often have high egos and feel they are special. When a relationship fails or does not go according to plan, they become obsessed with controlling the other. Is.

What are the treatments for obsessive-compulsive disorder?

Offering a loving, supportive environment where honesty is encouraged and accepted.

Before beginning treatment, the first thing to do is make the individual realize that he has a problem. Depending on the severity of the disorder, there are many treatment options. There are several steps you can take to get there.

Keep Your Distance.

You can only get rid of obsessive thoughts for a brief time. However, you need to be able to let go of the relationship and allow yourself to understand and overcome your emotions. Although it can be difficult, you must keep your distance from any type of addiction for a while. It is better if this is done through mutual understanding.

You should get rid of everything that keeps you from forgetting them. It’s easy for people to forget when they keep reminding themselves.

Join an Activity

You can change the times you are most in love with your partner to do something like reading, exercising, drawing, painting, or other creative activities. This will allow you to channel your energy in the right direction, and it will also give you a feeling of accomplishment.

Talk to friends and family.

Spend as much time with your friends and family as possible. Take a walk with your family and friends, but only share your problems with people you believe are intelligent and capable of giving the right advice. Sometimes, our intuition can lead us astray.


Set a goal for your life. If you don’t know what your purpose is, you will be dominated by negative thoughts and emotions. Your confidence will continue to fall. Everything else will fall behind if you are determined to move forward and achieve your goal.

If you still have problems, you can seek professional psychological assistance. To help you understand your situation better and find the best solution, you can consult a counselor or psychologist. You can chat with or call professional counselors at to talk about your feelings of shyness or reluctance to go out.

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