Cold Treatment – Stop Food And Medicine

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Seeing the title, you must be a little shocked and you must be thinking how to stop food and medicine in case of cold? This is what we are told and taught that food should not be stopped in case of any disease or cold.

While at that time, your body refuses to take food, food becomes distasteful. The urge to eat ends because during a cold, the taste in the mouth and the smell in the nose are not detected.

But at such a time, it is said by all the friends or relatives who meet us that if we do not take food, then how will the strength come? You seem very weak. If you eat, or else you will become weak. In this way, a person keeps on taking food and allopathic medicine in the case of a cold, even when there is a state of refusal by the body, and the condition of his cold goes on getting worse.

What is a cold?

During the change in weather, the problems of cold-cough and cold are more visible. In cold and flu season, first there is a problem of burning with a sore throat, and then the nose also starts running. Due to the cold, a slight fever also persists in the body.
Sore throats are reported by approximately 40% of people suffering from colds, while coughs and phlegm are reported by 50%.It is necessary to get rid of this phlegm, otherwise the attempt to stop it comes in the form of a serious disease.

Why do you have a cold?

The body’s ridding itself of foreign substances is seen in the form of colds. The reasons for the accumulation of these foreign elements are: breathing in a polluted environment, rich food, lack of exercise. For these reasons, the toxin gradually accumulates in the body, which after some time comes in the form of a cold. Let us know the side effects of taking medicine and taking food during a cold.

What to do when you have a cold.

1.Stop using the drug:

As of now, there is no medicine that can be proven to shorten the duration of the common cold. In its treatment by the doctor, medicines are given to relieve the symptoms. However, most of the benefits from treatment can be attributed to the placebo effect (in which the patient thinks the drug has cured him even though he was given water instead of the drug).

Treatments that help reduce symptoms are simple pain relievers (analgesics) and antipyretics, such as ibuprofen and acetaminophen/paracetamol. In 2009, Canada banned cough and cold medicines sold for children over the age of 6 because of the risks and unproven benefits.
Due to the misuse of dextromethorphan (cough medicine), it has been banned in many countries. Many cough syrups have also been banned in our country, but due to the intoxicants found in them, their use and sale are still illegal.There are reports of police confiscating a cache of such intoxicating and banned cough syrups during raids.

Stop using food:

Three-fourths of human diseases are due to the habit of eating food only. Just as hunger is a sign of good health, in the same way, when there is a blockage in the patient’s body due to which he cannot use the food, then the hunger stops, and only then is it a sign of nature that the patient needs to eat. If there is no desire, he should not eat and instead fast to give the life force a chance.
Food should be avoided until the natural hunger begins to feel on its that the life force can be strengthened. The life force tries to get the harmful substances out of the body by burning them. At that time, the body does not need food, so we should allow our body to do its work at a smooth pace in such a condition.

3. Make use of this:
In 1 liter of water, take a small piece of ginger, spinach, carrot, coriander leaves, and tomato in the amount of one loaf each, cut them into small pieces, and boil them well. After it has cooled, filter it.Mixing lemon juice, black pepper, and salt can be consumed 2 or 3 times a day.
This experiment will be helpful in ridding the body of foreign substances. This experiment was conducted by Shri Vitthal Das Modi, the founder of Arogya Mandir, Gorakhpur, and has been tried on cold sufferers. Continue this use till the cold is cured.
The sooner you are able to detoxify your body, the more true hunger will automatically follow, which will be natural or natural hunger.
The effects of a cold usually last up to seven days. During this period, while avoiding the use of medicine, keep doing the abovementioned experiments and continue traveling in clean air. This will reduce the pain of the cold.
I hope this article ” Cure for Colds-Stop Eating and Medicine” proves useful to you. Share this with your friends. Keep visiting this website for useful information on health and naturopathy.

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