Causes, Symptoms And Ways To Overcome Stress

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In today’s time, technology has made human life convenient. Due to the availability of equipment in all the domestic and commercial sectors, both labor and manpower have been saved. But despite so many facilities, stress or tension is increasing in life and it has taken the form of a serious problem.

50 years ago, the Nigerian public did not have many facilities, yet people were not as tense as they are today. Most people today are spending their lives in tension.
Now that the familial and social fabric has weakened and individualism has taken hold, man feels more burdened on himself.This stress causes physical and mental diseases by affecting the hormonal system of the human being. Today, the materialistic mentality dominates. The person suffers from the stress of getting something and not caring about what they have got. At the same time, people have become accustomed to making their problems so big that they are getting many serious diseases.
Many people become abnormally depressed due to tension and lose their mental balance, which is why the incidents of suicide are increasing .
In today’s competitive era, the stress of a student getting good marks in his examination first, then the stress of proving himself superior among thousands of competitors to get a job, and this cycle continues throughout his life. Those doing private jobs have the tension to achieve the target, while business people have the tension to adjust to the ever-changing market conditions.
Some are constantly worried about the family and some about the office. This anxiety affects his efficiency, and then he makes small problems so big that it becomes difficult for him to come out of them.

The Source of Stress

The causes of stress can be many; the main ones are:
a. Financial considerations
b. Personal reasons
c. Illness or physical disability
d. Inability to manage one’s time
Differences in marital life and the failure of love relations
f. Inability to adapt to changing circumstances

symptoms of stress.

Exhausted student girl lying on the floor among textbooks, tests and gadgets, copy space. 

Chronic stress badly affects our physical and mental health. Its main features are:
a. The functioning of the heart is affected and the blood pressure decreases.
b. Digestion of food due to slowing down of digestion:

c. Immune system weakness, which allows any disease to spread quickly.

d. Excessive rage and rapid breathing

e.g., excessive weight gain or loss.

f. Difficulties falling asleep as a result of constant thinking g

. Tiredness without work, sadness, headache, and feeling ill
h. Always being sad, increased irritability in nature, due to getting angry at unnecessary things.

Lack of confidence
Hair loss and many other symptoms can occur.

If your life is full of stress, then you can practically reduce it by adopting the 10 ways mentioned here.

10 Ways to Remove Stress

1. Find the solution to the problem:

Instead of taking the stress of your problems, find a solution for it, don’t worry, and become a thinker. By thinking about a problem, it worries us even more, whereas we should think about the solution by looking at all the aspects of the problem.
There must be some solution to every problem . If you think deeply about more than one solution to the problem, then choose the best one. If we do not see any solution to that problem, then we should discuss it with a knowledgeable person and find a solution.
There may be times when you are unable to change or improve the situation. It happens after an accident or in the case of a natural calamity. Then think that it is not necessary that every task be according to you. Therefore, by changing your state of mind immediately, you can avoid worry.
If we have no choice and we have to live with that situation, then there is no point of sorrow or tension. Osho said, “No person or circumstance can make you unhappy unless you yourself want to be unhappy.”

2. Manage Your Time-

Schedule only a few important things each day, and leave enough gaps between them. Simplify your schedule instead of making it a busy one.

Lack of time management is a big reason for tension in today’s time. For this, it is necessary that you make a list of your important tasks and, first of all, set their time limit and start completing them. Do not avoid these tasks; otherwise, they will cause stress later.
The bigger your task or goal, the longer it will take to achieve it. But only by taking small steps in that direction will you achieve your destination. This will also reduce your stress. Simplify your life by gradually reducing the number of commitments in your life. Quit unnecessary commitments that are not beneficial to you.

3. Focus on one task at a time-

Avoiding multitasking and focusing on one task at a time is the simplest and best way to reduce your stress. You can begin doing so right now.Focus as much as you can on doing one thing at a time. Avoid getting distracted by the various notifications that come on your phone while you are working. If you’re going to email, only do that. This will improve the quality of your work and reduce your stress. Gradually, it will become ingrained in your nature and you will get better at it.

4. Meditation-

Meditation is an incredibly simple way to help you relieve stress. No matter where you are, it can be done anywhere. Just close your eyes and focus on your breathing. By this, you become situated in the present and, gradually, you become free from the crowd of thoughts.
The rush of thoughts that arise in your mind troubles you and does not do you any good, as it only traps the pain of the past and fantasies of the future.

The practice of meditation helps you get rid of these unnecessary thoughts. You become stress-free by being drenched in positive energy. That’s why you should meditate regularly.

5. Take a deep breath-

Deep breathing is another simple way to relieve stress. Deep breathing helps us get rid of distracting thoughts and sensations. Due to this, the body feels relaxed.

To practice this technique, find a quiet and comfortable area and then breathe normally. Then start breathing slowly through your nose, so that your chest and abdomen rise. After that, slowly exhale . Repeat this action.

6. Keep Positive Thinking-

The life of all of us is a struggle. There is always some challenge standing in front of us. If someone thinks that their life will become completely stress-free, then it will be very difficult. Stress is something that challenges us and helps us move forward, but at a reasonable level. But when the stress gets too high, it makes us unhappy and unhealthy.
Negative things happen to everyone, not just you. So try to be normal and positive even under stress. The world will not change according to your vision, so change your vision, not the world.

The next time you’re stuck in traffic or facing some other kind of stress, try to stay calm with a smile instead of taking the stress. It can also help keep your heart health in check.

7. Eat a balanced diet-

For our good health, it is necessary for us to have our meals and snacks on time. Food also has an effect on our mental health. Good and nutritious food helps us get out of stress.

For this, you should use plenty of curd, sprouted grains, fruits, and vegetables in your diet. Also, minimize the use of tea and coffee. While eating, if your focus is only on the food, then you can eat more well. Many times, when a person is under extreme stress, they have a strong urge to eat, which is called stress eating. This habit is very harmful because, in times of extreme stress, by eating without thinking, the body gets energy for a while, but it has harmful effects on the body. Therefore, it is important to avoid overeating .

8. Get rid of bad habits-

A man destroys his health by adopting bad habits in his life. Being a victim of bad habits, a person not only destroys his body parts but also spoils his mental health.

Due to these habits, his family members keep cursing him. Hence, the person remains under stress. Due to his bad habits, there comes a time when the body of a person becomes accustomed to them and he ends up on the verge of death.
Everyone has some bad habits in more or less quantity. That’s why you look inside yourself and see what bad habits are in you. You have to remove your bad habits in time or else the stress will overwhelm you later.

9. Bring Your Hobbies To Life-

It is necessary to save yourself from the burden of work. Continuously having the same daily routine brings monotony in life. It is necessary to break this monotony.

Taking a break from your work, you can go for a walk on a mountain or beach. Spending time in the midst of nature refreshes man. Listening to music is also a good and simple way to relieve stress.
If you have any hobbies like dancing, painting, or playing games, then take time for that and get rid of your stress. This breaks the monotony , gives us new energy, and maintains the desire to live in us.

10. Do Yoga and Exercise-

Concentrate on the morning walk amidst greenery . A study from Washington State University found that when a group of stressed people entered a room filled with plants, their blood pressure (BP ) dropped. So go for a walk in the garden in the morning and evening. Give yoga and exercise a place.
In your life, exercising daily helps a lot in reducing stress. It is not necessary that exercise should be done only by going to the gym; you can exercise according to your ability at home or by going to a green place. Simple yoga postures can be done. Due to this, we get good sleep at night and our mood is also good. “Hope this article is“Stress Management-Causes, Symptoms, and Ways to Eliminate Stress”
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