All About Shared Psychotic Disorder

Recently, 11 members of the same family committed suicide in Rivers state. The police discovered that several members of the family suffered from mental disorders and had lost their lives to superstition during the investigation. Psychologists believe this is a common psychotic disorder that led to the mass suicide of some members of the family.

What’s a shared psychotic disorder?

A rare form of mental illness, shared psychotic disorder is when a person with a good relationship begins to believe delusions about someone else. This disorder is also known as “folie a deux”, “family madness,” or “madness of many.”

This disease causes symptoms such as delusional beliefs or hallucinations to spread from one person to another. If you have a psychotic disorder, you may also believe in aliens. Your thoughts and behavior will be normal, however.

Psychotic disorder is a condition that makes it difficult for people to be in touch with reality. They often have difficulty living a normal life. Hallucinations (seeing and hearing things that don’t exist) and delusions are the most prominent symptoms.

Common causes of shared psychotic disorders

Image of woman with mental disorder holding broken mirror.

Psychotic disorders that are common often occur in the same family. This disease can affect long-term relationships in nearly all cases.

Treatment for shared psychotic disorders

Psychologists use psychotherapy, medication, and family therapy to treat this condition.


The therapy helps patients identify delusions and think well. It is difficult for someone with delusional disorders to see the bigger picture. This psychotherapy aims to address the emotional issues. Different techniques are used to help the patient understand and change his wrong beliefs and bring about a shift in his thinking.

Family therapy

Family therapy is a treatment that involves all members of the family of someone with a shared psychotic disorder. This type of therapy involves promoting an individual’s interests and developing healthy social relationships. It also helps to get your life back on track.


This disease is largely caused by medicine. Many antipsychotic medications are used to treat this condition. They reduce symptoms and can also help with hallucinations. To reduce anxiety, restlessness, and insomnia, doctors may also prescribe tranquilizers or other sedatives.

As with all psychological disorders, many people suffering from this one don’t realize they need treatment. If they don’t take the prescribed medication, the problem will worsen. If you know of anyone with this condition, please let them know and encourage them to seek treatment.

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